Unchain the Children

Public Defender Challenges Shackling of Juveniles

Motions and Appendices



Juvenile offenders unshackled: A look 10-years later
The Florida Bar News - October 15, 2016

Miami-Dade Public Defender Issues Ten-Year Report On Unshackling Children

Policy Report -Unchain the Children: Ten Years Later in Florida


Why do we still put kids in shackles when they go to trial?
The Washington Post - May 8, 2015

Court: Unchain the children
The Florida Bar News - January 1, 2010

Court made right call in limiting juvenile shackles
The Miami Herald - December 28, 2009

Why are Children in Florida Treated as Enemy Combatants?
Cornerstone, National Legal Aid & Defender Association (May-Aug, 2007)

Should kids go to court in chains?
USA TODAY - June 18, 2007

State examines juvenile shackling practice
Jacksonville Daily Record - February 15, 2007

Miami Dade County Commission Issues Resolution Urging State Legislature to Ban Indiscriminate Shackling of Juveniles
December 19, 2006

Bar panel urges: Unchain the children
The Florida Bar News - October 1, 2006

Shackled juveniles to be debated by the Florida Bar
The Florida Bar News - September 1, 2006


Motions and Appendices









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