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The Consequences Arenít Minor
(Teaching Kids and Parents the Consequences of an Arrest,
Plea, Conviction or Adjudication)

Carlos Martinez designed The Consequences Arenít Minor, an interactive program, to educate the public about the serious consequences of an arrest and involvement with the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Carlos is respected locally, statewide and nationally as a tireless advocate for Floridaís children ensnared in the juvenile justice system and adult ex-offenders who want to be productive, law abiding citizens.

The goals of The Consequences Arenít Minor are to:

  • Reduce delinquent behavior
  • Educate parents so they can prevent their children from engaging in delinquent behavior
  • Educate kids to keep them from engaging in delinquent behavior
  • Educate legislators so they can fix the draconian and ineffective laws that make it easier for kids to get a job from a drug dealer than from a car dealer
  • Educate the general public so they will demand legal reform

  • Dispel myths about juvenile court being a slap on the wrist

Carlosí program has reached several thousand people through his Consequences Arenít Minor legal education sessions. Carlos personally gave The Consequences presentation to 13 public high school football teams, to hundreds of children in the 5000 Role Models of Excellence program, and to all 9th through 12th graders at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School here in Miami. He has also supervised many other Consequences presentations.

As Public Defender, Carlos will continue to work with schools, the faith community and civic groups to teach young people how to stay out of trouble. Carlos will continue to diligently work to reform laws so ex-offenders can lead law-abiding lives.


Consequences of Arrest, Plea and Trial


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