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Play it Smart
(Teaching Kids to Effectively Interact with Police)

Young people often become entangled with the juvenile justice system after an encounter with the police which turned into a bad situation for both the young person and the officer. Carlos Martinez designed Play it Smart to teach kids about their rights and how to effectively interact with police. Through lectures, skits and role playing, kids learn about their constitutional rights and how to behave so that an officer feels that the young person does not present a physical threat.

The objectives of the educational program are to:

  • Educate young people about their rights and responsibilities during encounters with law enforcement.
  • Help promote public safety.
  • Safeguard individual rights.
  • Prevent avoidable conflicts and arrests.
  • Reduce the need for use of force by police officers.
  • Foster respect between young people and law enforcement.



This section was created using “The Law and You” materials developed by:
Allstate and The Allstate Foundation
Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association
National Crime Prevention Council
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
OMNI Youth Services


Play it Smart brochure


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