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Honors & Awards
Alumni Among the Judiciary


Honors & Awards to the Law Offices of
Public Defender Carlos J. Martinez

The Public Defender's Office and its Employees have received recognition for their community involvement from:


  • The National Legal Aid and Defender Association and the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants, the Clara Shortridge Foltz Award (2008) — for "the most outstanding public defender program in the country."
  • The Florida Bar, Public Interest Law Section's Legal Needs of Children Committee, the Hugh S. Glickstein Award for Child Advocacy (2008) — to "the Juvenile Division of the Miami-Dade County Public Defender's for its work on behalf of Florida's children."
  • Florida State Employees Charitable Campaign (2006; 2005; 2004; 2003; 2002; 2001; 2000) — participation recognition
  • U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Gift of Life Donation Initiative (2005) — for “creating an Organ Donation Friendly America as a Workplace Partner for Life”
  • Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (2004-2005; 2003-2004) — for “working to enhance Greater Miami’s economic future”
  • Community Jail Linkage Coalition, Inc. (2003-2004) for "dedication and support" in improving the quality of criminal defense service for indigent defendants
  • Miami-Dade County Office of the Mayor & Board of County Commissioners (2003) — for “commitment to improve the quality of life for individuals & families in our community through our judicial circuit’s drug courts”
  • Miami-Dade Chief Judge, Court Administrator and Circuit Judges (2002; 2001) — for outstanding support of the drug court program and “mission to improve the quality of life through our judicial circuit’s drug courts”
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Office of Workforce Development Education (2000) — for “providing on-the-job training experiences essential to the development of students...”
  • Miami Central Senior High’s Business Cooperative Education Program (1999-2000) — participation recognition
  • Center for the Administration of Justice - FIU Hispanic Crime Prevention Program (1999) — participation recognition
  • YMCA of Greater Miami (1997) — for “ of the youth of the Greater Miami community” through the Youth Judicial Program & Mock Trial Competition
  • Public Employees Roundtable, President’s Council on Management Improvement (1997) — for “furthering goals of Public Service Recognition week,... informing the public, reinforcing pride in service & promoting government careers”

Former Assistant Public Defenders Among the Judiciary

Following is the list of current or former judges who at one time were Assistant Public Defenders:

State Judges
Stanford Blake
Isaac Borenstein (1)
May L. Cain (2)
Gerardo Castiello
Michael B. Chavies
Yvonne Colodny
Ivonne Cuesta
Ronald Dresnick
N. Joseph Durant (2)
Pedro P. Echarte, Jr.
Kevin M. Emas
Robin Faber
Rosa C. Figarola
Karen Mills-Francis
Mary Jo Francis
Norman S. Gerstein
Diana Gonzalez-Whyte
Maynard A. Gross
Henry H. Harnage
Eric W. Hendon
Gerald D. Hubbart
Phillip A. Hubbart (3)
James C. Henderson (3)
Herbert M. Klein
Maxine C. Lando
Mark K. Leban
Steve Leifman
Steven D. Levine
D. Bruce Levy (4)
Arthur E. Maginnis
Richard V. Margolius
Luise Krieger-Martin
Ralph Person
Thomas K. Petersen
Ada Pozo Revilla
Rosa I. Rodriguez
Arthur L. Rothenberg
Mavel Ruiz
Migna Sanchez-Llorens
Nushin Sayfie
Fred Seraphin
Cristina Pereyra-Shuminer
Victoria S. Sigler
Lourdes Simon
William Thomas
Michele Towbin Singer
Dava J. Tunis
Lisa Walsh
Diane Ward
Thomas S. Wilson, Jr.

State General Masters
Alejandro Gamboa
Joseph L. Kershaw, Jr.
Lewis S. Kimler

Federal Magistrates
Linnea R. Johnson
Peter L. Nimkoff (2)

(1) Judge in Massachusetts after leaving the Public Defender's office
(2) Assistant Public Defender after leaving the bench
(3) The county's elected Public Defender before judicial appointment
(4) Assistant Public Defender before and after being a judge


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