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Fallout from false arrests  - Public defender said cases warrant another look
The Miami Times - December 12, 2018

Miami Today Profile Carlos Martinez
Miami Today - November 23, 2018

For framing innocent black men, a Florida police chief gets three years in prison
The Miami Herald - November 12, 2018

Children's Trust to give $84 million to family groups, after-school programs
Miami Herald - June 11, 2018

Carlos J. Martinez: Fighting for Equal Justice
South Florida Legal Guide - 2017 Edition

Juvenile offenders unshackled: A look 10-years later
The Florida Bar News - October 15, 2016

Miami-Dade PD’s Summer Scholars introduces kids to the justice system
The Florida Bar News - August 15, 2016

Direct file wrong for juvenile offenders
The Miami Herald - October 26, 2015

Miami public defender wants detainees present during teen’s fatal beating released
The Miami Herald - September 2, 2015

Encouraged to Dream
Foster children learn as Miami-Dade PD’s ‘Summer Scholars’
The Florida Bar News - September 1, 2015

‘Let justice roll!' PACT members push for affordable housing, fewer youth arrests and out-of-school suspensions
Archdiocese of Miami - April 29, 2015

Public Defender: Don’t put kids in adult prisons
The Miami Herald - March 11, 2015

Public defender honors pro bono partners
The Florida Bar News - July 15, 2014

Miami-Dade’s overburdened PD’s office may decline new clients, Florida court says
ABAJournal - October 1, 2013

Statement of Miami-Dade Public Defender Carlos J. Martinez on
Supreme Court of Florida Decision

May 23, 2013

Editorial: Justice for poor affirmed
Tampa Bay Times - May 23, 2013

In Miami case, U.S. Supreme Court limits use of drug-sniffing police dogs outside homes
The Miami Herald - March 26, 2013

Miami-Dade Public Defender Celebrating Impressive Weight Loss
CBS 4 Miami - June 13, 2012

Policy Report - Unchain the Children: Five Years Later in Florida
December 2011

Video interviews may save money for taxpayers
The Miami Herald - October 21, 2011

Editorial: Stealing justice from South Florida
The Miami Herald - April 24, 2011

New video system links public defenders, inmates in Miami-Dade
The Miami Herald - August 06, 2010

Carlos J. Martinez: Get rid of direct-file law
The Miami Herald - February 07, 2010

Court: Unchain the children
The Florida Bar News - January 1, 2010

Court made right call in limiting juvenile shackles
The Miami Herald - December 28, 2009

Fla. Justices Horrified by Restraints on Juveniles - June 4, 2009

The New Redeemer - Can Miami-Dade’s New Public Defender Carry on a Dream of Justice for All?
The SunPost - February 05, 2009

PD-11 grapples with increased caseloads and high rate of public defender turnover
The Florida Bar News - November 15, 2008

Court rules kids have a right to counsel before waiving rights
The Florida Bar News - May 15, 2008

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