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International Cooperation
Embassies and Consulates in Miami


International Cooperation

The Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office (MDPDO) represents people from all over the world. Miami-Dade County has the highest immigration rate in the US. Many people from North, Central and South America, the Caribbean and other areas enter the US through Miami-Dade County or are later attracted to this area as residents or visitors. Consequently, many Public Defender clients are not US citizens. The following information is intended to describe some of our international cooperation efforts, provide information to our clients, their families and the public, and improve client representation.

Our office and the consuls of numerous countries interact in many areas, to the advantage of our foreign clients and their families, our defense function and to save taxpayers' dollars.

Consular contact may be advisable regarding numerous matters. For pertinent contact information, go to Embassies and Consulates Serving Miami.

If you need to contact a defender office or defender service in a jurisdiction outside of Miami-Dade County, the following defender contacts may be able to assist you:


Cooperation Between Consulates and the Miami-Dade Public Defender

Case Related Support

Consuls can cooperate with MDPDO in the investigation, preparation and dispositions of cases by:

  • Developing Sentencing Alternatives;
  • Working with Prosecutors as Advocates for waiver of the death penalty and not transferring juveniles to adult court;
  • Helping Foreign Nationals Serve Their Sentences in Their Home Countries;
  • Obtaining Evidence, documents and witnesses in the US and other countries;
  • Providing Referrals and resources that aid MDPDO in the constructive resolution of cases;
  • Providing Expert Witnesses such as psychologists familiar with national culture, or pay expert fees that local courts would not; and
  • Facilitating Access to Translators. Normally, the local courts will provide interpreters for about 80 languages. However, our clients may need the services of interpreters or translators for languages not usually spoken in Miami-Dade County. In cases in which interpreters are not readily available, consulates may be of assistance.


Client Related Support

Consuls can support MDPDO clients by:

  • Enhancing Clients' Confidence in the judicial process and in our office, increasing clients' willingness to cooperate with us in the preparation of their defense;
  • Improving Family Contact, enabling our clients' families in other countries to help us provide better representation with resources that might otherwise be unavailable;
  • Helping Our Office Identify Organizations that may assist our clients in the US and in the clients' home countries. For other defender collaborations, please see MDPDO's Anti-Violence Initiative; and
  • Promoting Defender Liaison. Public defenders in other countries defend Miami-Dade County residents. Contact with a country's consulate in Miami or the MDPDO may be beneficial to those clients. Also, our office may be of assistance with regard to contacting witnesses or obtaining necessary documents for legal representation. The cooperation that we and other Public Defenders can offer is restricted by our limited resources.


Consular Notification Relating to the Vienna Convention

Lack of compliance with law enforcement obligations under the Vienna Convention often deprives our clients of their right to consular support. Although notifying consuls is not the responsibility of MDPDO, we have implemented an automated system for consular notification when requested by our detained clients who are foreign nationals.

Consular officers have the right to visit, converse and correspond with a national of their country who is in custody and to arrange for the national's legal representation. Consular officers must refrain from taking action on behalf of a national, if he expressly opposes such action.

According to the Florida Department of State, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations ". . . now establishes the 'baseline' for most obligations with respect to the treatment of foreign nationals in the United States. . . ."; The department also states that ". . . the freedom and safety of Floridians abroad are seriously endangered if state and local law enforcement officials fail to honor the Vienna Convention and other nations follow their example."

Under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (articles 5, 36) a citizen of another country (whether in this country legally or illegally) arrested or detained in any manner in the US, has the right to request the authorities to inform the consulates of the detainee's country about the arrest or detention. Every foreign national also has the right to be informed without delay of these rights.

For nationals of certain countries, consular notification by law enforcement of an arrest is mandatory and does not depend upon the arrestee's decision. For a list of countries where mandatory notification applies click here.

For more information regarding consular notification and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations click here.


Serving Criminal Sentences in Clients' Home Countries

The US has signed multilateral and bilateral treaties under which a sentence imposed in the US may be served in the sentenced person's home country (if that country is a party to one of these treaties). Such a transfer is intended to facilitate the social rehabilitation of prisoners. For information about Applicable Treaties on Transfer of Sentenced Persons, click here.

Terms and conditions vary country-to-country and treaty-to-treaty. Transfer may be requested by either the State where the sentence was imposed, the foreign national's home country or the sentenced person. However, consent by all three is required. Once a person has been sentenced in Florida and the legal proceedings are over (no appeals or collateral proceedings are pending) the sentenced foreign national, their defense attorney or their consulate can request a package to start International Prisoner Transfer procedures by writing to:

International Prisoner Transfer Coordinator
Governor's Legal Office
The Capitol, 400 South Monroe Street, Suite 209
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Once the package is completed and received by the Governor's Legal Office, the transfer coordinator will contact the foreign country's authorities and obtain the consent and information necessary. This process may take between six months and a year. The final decision is within the governor's discretion. If the governor consents to the transfer, the International Prisoner Transfer Unit at the US Department of Justice will complete the process.

Applicable Treaties

On-line Resources Available:

- Free publication from the American Civil Liberties Union providing information on many legal rights of foreign nationals when confronted by U.S. law enforcement agencies:

Know Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement

- Informative guide regarding consular assistance for foreign nationals and the U.S. Criminal Justice system:

Equal Protection: Consular Assistance and Criminal Justice

- Comprehensive written material on rules, procedures and standards in ICE Detention centers:

ICE/DRO Detention Standard Detainee Handbook

Criminal Aspects of Deportation Issues

MDPDO handles state criminal court aspects of deportation only. For instance, when appointed by the court, we represent clients who allege that their pleas of guilty were not knowing or voluntary. We have no authority to handle other immigration issues.

The National Legal Aid and Defender Association (NLADA) maintains a website that contains motions and other documents useful to immigrants in Florida. To access the documents, please go to, then click on show related documents in the “Explore E-library” section. Anyone needing legal assistance should consult an immigration attorney as this is a complicated and changing area of law.

In the near future, MDPDO intends to work with consulates to develop training regarding the law and procedure involved in making legal claims and requesting the court to appoint MDPDO.


Technical Assistance in Support of International Democratic Initiatives

Numerous defender organizations, foreign governments and agencies of the US government (including the Departments of State, Justice, USAID and the Navy) have sponsored site and technical assistance visits to our office by foreign justice representatives. The MDPDO has provided these visitors with training and technical assistance regarding justice system structure and processes, management and office technology, legal reform, the defense function, and advocacy skills. To view a description of our integrated management information system, click here. For the Spanish version, click here. The visitors have come singly and in large delegations, and have included supreme court justices, judges, public defenders and other defense attorneys, prosecutors, legislators, and military officials from the following countries:

Argentina Guatemala
Armenia Israel
Bolivia Nicaragua
Brazil Paraguay
Chile Peru
Colombia Venezuela



In addition to hosting foreign representatives, the MDPDO has been provided resources from various sources to supply technical assistance and training in a number of these countries and to US defender offices.

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Embassies and Consulates in Miami

Antigua & Barbuda, Consulate General of
Ian Sweeney
25 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 300
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.381.6762
Fax 305.381.7908

Argentina, Consulate of
Marcelo Martín Giusto
1101 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.373.2161
Fax 305.371.7108

Austria, Honorary Consulate of
Werner Stemer
2445 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020

Bahamas, Consulate General of
Rhoda M. Jackson
25 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 600
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.373.6295
Fax 305.373.6312

Barbados, Consulate General of
Colin S. Mayers
2121 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 1300
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Belgium, Honorary Consulate of
Manuel Molina
100 North Biscayne Blvd., Suite 500
Miami, FL 33132

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Consulate General of
Livia Antonieta Acosta
1101 Brickell Avenue, Suite 300
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.577.3834
Fax 305.372.5167

Bolivia, Consulate of
Milton Paniagua
700 S. Royal Poinciana Blvd., Suite 505
Miami Springs, FL 33166

Brazil, Consulate General of
Helio Vitor Ramos Filho
80 SW 8th Street, Suite 2600
Miami, FL 33130
Phone 305.285.6200
Fax 305.285.6229

Canada, Consulate General of
Louise Leger
200 S. Biscayne Blvd., Suite 1600
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.579.1600
Fax 305.374.6774

Chile, Consulate General of
Juan Luis Nilo
800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1200
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.373.8624
Fax 305.379.6613

Colombia, Consulate General of
Marta Jaramille
280 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33131
Phone 305.448.5558
Fax 305.441.9537

Costa Rica, Consulate General of
Lorena Sanchez Urpi
2730 SW 3rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33129

Czech Republic, Honorary Consulate of
Alan Becker
3111 Stirling Road
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone 954.985.4178
Fax 954.985.4176

Denmark, Consulate of
Jon Rosenthal
3230 Stirling Road, Suite 1
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone 954.967.8800
Fax 954.322.0064

Dominican Republic, Consulate of
Manuel Felipe Almanzar
1038 Brickell Avenue, First Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.358.3220
Fax 305.358.2318

Ecuador, Consulate General of
Eduardo Rivadenerira Baquerizo
117 NW 42 Avenue, Suites CU04
Miami, FL 33126
Phone 305.539.8214

El Salvador, Consulate General of
Maria Teresa Pacheco de Gonzalez
2600 Douglas Road, Suite 104
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone 305.774.0840
Fax 305.774.0850

France, Consulate General of
Gaël de Maisonneuve
1395 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1050, 10th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.403.4185
Fax 305.403.4187

Federal Republic of Germany, Consulate General of
Eva Alexandra Kendeffy
100 N Biscayne Blvd., Suite 2200
Miami, FL 33132
Phone 305.358.0290
Fax 305.358.0307

Guatemala, Consulate General of
Doris Quezada
1101 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1003 So. Tower
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.679.9945
Fax 305.443.4830

Guyana, Honorary Consulate of
Ramzan Roshanali
795 NW 72nd Street
Miami, FL 33150
Phone 786.235.0431
Fax 305.693.9313

Haiti, Consulate General of
Ralph Latortue
259 SW 13th Street
Miami, FL 33130
Phone 305.859.2003
Fax 305.854.7441

Honduras, Consulate General of
Lic. Lizette Hawit
7171 Coral Way, Suite 311
Miami, FL 33155
Phone 305.269.9399
Fax 305.447.9036

Israel, Consulate General of
Chaim Shacham
100 N Biscayne Blvd., Suite 1800
Miami, FL 33132
Phone 305.925.9400
Fax 305.925.9455

Italy, Consulate General of
Adolfo Barattolo
4000 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 590
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Phone 305.374.6322
Fax 305.374.7945

Jamaica, Consulate General of
Sandra A. Grant Griffiths
25 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 609
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.374.8431
Fax 305.577.4970

Japan, Consulate General of
Ken Okaniwa
80 SW 8th Street, Suite 3200
Miami, FL 33130
Phone 305.530.9090
Fax 305.530.0950

Luxembourg, Honorary Consulate of
Donald J. Hansen
9661 Falconer Way
Estero, FL 33928
Phone 239.948.9680
Fax 847.340.6088

Mali, Honorary Consulate of
Mayer Shirazipour
1710 W Cypress Creek Road
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone 954.771.1795
Fax 305.593.2758

Mexico, Consulate General of
Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco
5975 SW 72nd Street, Suite 301
So. Miami, FL 33143
Phone 786.268.4900
Fax 786.268.4895

Netherlands, Consulate General of
Nathalie Olijslager-Jaarsma
701 Brickell Avenue, Fifth Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 786.866.0480
Fax 786.866.0498

Nicaragua, Consulate General of
Luis Alberto Martinez Noguera
8532 SW 8th Street, Suite 270
Miami, FL 33144
Phone 305.265.1415
Fax 305.265.1780

Norway, Honorary Consulate of
Trond S. Jensen
1007 North America Way, Suite 305
Miami, FL 33132
Phone 305.358.4386
Fax 305.374.4369

Panama, Consulate General of
Tomas Guerra
5775 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 200
Miami, FL 33126
Phone 305.447.3700
Fax 305.447.4142

Paraguay, Consulate General of
Sophia Lopez-Garelli
25 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 705
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.374.5522

Peru, Consulate General of
Eduardo Chavarri
444 Brickell Avenue, Suite M135
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.374.7819
Fax 305.381.6027

Portugal, Honorary Consulate of
Rui Maria Navais Forcada
3945-W, Whitewater Ave.
Weston, FL 33332
Phone 954.830.0662
Fax 407.601.2252

Singapore, Honorary Consulate of
Steven Green
2601 S. Bayshore Drive, Suite 900
Miami, FL 33133
Phone 305.858.4225
Fax 305.858.2344

Spain, Consulate General of
Maria Cristina Barrios Almazor
2655 Le Jeune Rd, Suite 203
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone 305.446.5511
Fax 305.446.0585

Republic of Suriname, Consulate General of
Rakieb M. Khudabux
6303 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 325
Miami, FL 33126
Phone 305.265.4655
Fax 305.265.4599

Sweden, Honorary Consulate of
Per Olof Lööf
101 NE 3rd Avenue, Suite 1700
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone 954.467.3507
Fax 954.467.1731

Switzerland, Honorary Consulate of
Urs Lindenmann
825 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 1450
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.377.6700
Fax 305.377.9936

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
Ming-teh Chen
2333 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 610
Miami, FL 33134
Phone 305.443.8917
Fax 305.444.4796

Thailand, Honorary Consulate General of
George Corrigan
121 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1500
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone 305.445.7577
Fax 305.444.0487

Trinidad and Tobago, Consulate General of
Dr. Anil Ramnanan
1000 Brickell Avenue, #800
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.374.2199
Fax 305.374.3199

Tunisia, Honorary Consulate of
Deborah Balliette-Jacobson
1236 SW 21st Terrace
Miami, FL 33145
Phone 305.858.5456
Fax 305.858.5909

United Kingdom, Consulate General of
Kevin McGurgan
1001 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 2800
Miami, FL 33131
Phone 305.374.1522
Fax 305.374.8196

Uruguay, Consulate General of
Alvaro Gallardo
1077 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite B
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone 305.443.7253
Fax 305.443.7802

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