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Can I Get This Case Off My Record?

Sealing & Expunging Arrest Information

Sealing a criminal record involves making a personís criminal history inaccessible to the general public. However, city, county, state and federal government and agencies, including the police and military, will have access to and be able to review your criminal history records whether or not those records are sealed. Expunging a record involves the court ordered physical destruction or obliteration of a criminal history record or a portion of that record. It is very difficult to qualify to have a record sealed or expunged. For the most Frequently Asked Questions about Sealing and Expunging, please click here.


To access the Florida Clerks Websites for criminal history and court information, click here.

To find out if you qualify to have your record sealed or expunged, contact the Public Defender's Office Redemption Hotline 305-545-1616.



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